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Sophia Amoruso | Source: Sophia Amoruso

LONDON, United Kingdom — As the news of our Webby nomination finally began to sink in, I started reflecting on the truly remarkable business of fashion even more than usual. This led to an idea to mount a social media campaign that highlights the beauty, creativity and massive economic scale of what is a truly remarkable $1.7 trillion global industry.

In the coming days, those of you tuned into our social channels will begin to see imagery, quotes and irrefutable facts that we hope will serve as powerful examples of the way we see fashion here at BoF: a true blend of creativity and business, right brain and left brain.

Up first is Sophia Amoruso, the dynamo who has built a business which turns over $100m in annual revenue from scratch, starting with an eBay store she set up in 2006. Earlier this year, The New York Times called her the ‘Cinderella of Tech.” It’s an apt name for someone who, according to the same article, was living in her step-aunt’s cottage and checking student IDs for $13 an hour at an art school when she first decided to start selling vintage clothing.

I first met Sophia last year in Los Angeles and have been watching with respect — and a bit of amazement — as she’s scaled her early concept into a business that has had all the VCs knocking on her door, as well as some potential long-term suitors. Like all great fashion entrepreneurs, Sophia has the right balance of product and point of view, combined with very hard work, that make her one of the many reasons that fashion means business.

We are counting on all of you to share this and other inspiring stories with your friends and colleagues to call attention to the transformative power and economic importance of the fashion business, and — and, just maybe, help us win a Webby in the process. You can vote by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more from us in our campaign to win the People’s Voice Award  for the Webbys.

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  1. i know 4 people (myself included) who have been recruited by and interviewed with nasty gal and they are notorious for being and contributing to the flakey culture LA fashion industry is becoming known for. i can attest and 3 other friends can concur that nasty gal aggressively recruited and failed to follow up after said recruitment as well as failing to follow up after interviews. more and more untrained individuals are debuting their “clothing collections” and have no idea how to properly run an apparel brand. just because you have “taste” does not a designer yield.

    dawls from Los Angeles, CA, United States
  2. Interesting comment via “dawls from Los Angeles.” Either way, just wanted to say how wonderful it felt to cast my vote for BOF. Fingers crossed.

    Julie Sergel from Forest Hills, NY, United States
  3. @dawls…you sound like a bitter Betty. Sophia OBVIOUSLY knows something about properly running an apparel brand. Since you seem to know so much and be an expert why were you trying to work for someone else? Get out there and start your own then you have nothing to complain about.

    Tiffani from Missouri City, TX, United States