Week in Review | L’Wren Scott, Veronica Beard, Amy Odell, Everywhere Commerce, Mandi Lennard, Danish Jewellers

BoF editor-in-chief Imran Amed recaps the week in the business of fashion.

L'Wren Scott | Source: L'Wren Scott

LONDON, United Kingdom — This week, the fashion community was shocked to learn about the tragic death of L’Wren Scott, a designer who started her career in modelling, but eventually found herself building her own fashion business.

It’s in moments like these that one really gets the sense of how close and connected our industry is. Tributes poured in from all over the fashion world, as everyone from Anna Wintour to Sarah Jessica Parker tried to make sense of why Ms Scott, a vibrant and energetic personality, would choose to take her own life.

Today, a spokesperson for the L’Wren Scott business issued a detailed statement strongly refuting media stories speculating that the company had run into financial difficulties.

But in the media avalanche that ensued in the wake of her death, one piece stood out amongst the others. Cathy Horyn, a close friend of L’Wren Scott, wrote an personal appraisal of her situation, while capturing the spirit and personality that so many people were drawn to. I highly recommend you read it.

And, as we end the week, the BoF team would like to honour the memory of Ms Scott and pass on our condolences to her friends and family. L’Wren Scott will surely be missed.

Here are some of our top articles from the week gone by:

Veronica Beard’s Pricing Pivot
After four years of steady but slow growth, the sisters-in-law behind New York label Veronica Beard swallowed their pride — and lowered their price points — to reach the customers they were after.

Op-Ed | Are Stores Becoming Commoditised? 
In the Internet Age, fashion consumers increasingly know what they want long before they visit retailers, undermining the traditional role of department stores and boutiques as curators of style, argues Eugene Rabkin.

Amy Odell and the Great Media Race
Debra Scherer speaks to Amy Odell, editor of Cosmopolitan.com, about what she learned working at The Cut and BuzzFeed, her goals for Cosmo’s online presence, and the state of fashion media in the Internet Age.

Colin’s Column | Meeting Mandi Lennard, Fashion Polymath
Colin McDowell sits down with Mandi Lennard, a PR turned brand consultant who has built a unique position for herself at the intersection of emerging culture and London’s fashion scene.

Op-Ed | Embrace Everywhere Commerce or Go Extinct 
In today’s reality, retailers who fail to embrace omni-channel strategies powered by connected data risk becoming extinct, argues John Squire.

The Fashionable Rise of Danish Jewellery
Buoyed by a rich history and fashionable designs, Danish jewellery brands are expanding across Scandinavia and beyond.

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