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BoF editor-in-chief Imran Amed recaps the week in the business of fashion.

Jörgen Andersson of Uniqlo | Source: Courtesy

LONDON, United Kingdom — We live in an age when anything seems possible. We can connect with like-minded people — anywhere and everywhere — around our shared interests and experiences. We can create products and attract a global customer base to buy them. Soon, there will even be commercial flights to outer space! Indeed, new technologies have opened endless possibilities for greater connectivity and creativity. But amazingly, although our ability to do anything and everything continues to grow, everywhere we go, things are starting to look and feel very much the same.

Take a few beauty advertisements, cover up the logos and it’s hard to tell the difference between brands. Rip out the labels from the clothes you buy and it’s hard to tell who might have made them. Walk through any major shopping street (or shopping centre) around the world and not only will you find the same ten to fifteen shops, but the shops themselves (and the clothing inside them) will likely look the same.

And, as the marketing and communications strategies of high-street brands and luxury brands converge, the sense of uniformity is growing. It’s all what Uniqlo’s newly-appointed co-global chief marketing officer Jörgen Andersson calls “generic” consumer culture. This week, we sat down with Andersson to learn more about how we ended up here.

Please take the time to read the interview — and enjoy the rest of our top stories of the week gone by:

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Imran Amed
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