Pop Quiz | Suzy Menkes, Swarovski, Ralph Lauren

How well have you read your BoF this week? Test your knowledge of all of the latest news and analysis from around the world of fashion in our Pop Quiz, which covers Suzy Menkes, Swarovski, and more.

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You can find the correct answer and detailed explanation for each question immediately following the question (simply highlight to read), along with all the answers at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

Question 1: Which word in the English language does Suzy Menkes consider to be ‘the sweetest’?

a. personalised
b. luxury
c. private
d. exclusive

Answer 1: Choice (c) is correct. “You know what I think is the sweetest word in the English language now? Private,” declared Suzy Menkes recently. “I think the idea of privacy — it’s completely gone now — but it was something rather special.”

Question 2: For Lisa King’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, ‘A Study of Stars’, she incorporated all of the following elements EXCEPT:

a. national flags (star symbols)
b. film ratings (five stars)
c. literature (star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet)
d. mathematics (star polyhedral shapes)

Answer 2: Choice (a) is correct. Lisa King’s debut Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, ‘A Study of Stars’, encompasses her interpretations of astrology (star signs), film ratings (five stars), literature (star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet), and mathematics (star polyhedral shapes). Each print is rendered in a stunningly bold palette through art techniques – line drawing, painting, collage work and digital manipulation.

Question 3: Who said, “Diamonds are for royalty, but I want to create a stone for every woman, that every woman can afford”?

a. Kokichi Mikimoto, founder of Mikimoto
b. Daniel Swarovski, founder of Swarovski
c. Cecil Rhodes, founder of De Beers
d. Alfred Van Cleef and Salomon Arpels, founders of Van Cleef & Arpels

Answer 3: Choice (b) is correct. Nadja Swarovski recently shared, “Daniel Swarovski used to say, ‘diamonds are for royalty, but I want to create a stone for every woman, that every woman can afford.’ This is certainly something that we are picking up in the 21st century. We really see the product as a means of adornment and female empowerment, because we know that jewellery is one of the strongest means of self-expression.”

Question 4: At the start of Ralph Lauren’s career, a large New York store told him that they would stock his ties if he _______.

a. changed his name from Ralph Lifshitz
b. took his initials off
c. came up with a memorable logo
d. used the word ‘Polo’

Answer 4: Choice (b) is correct. “At the start of his career he was told by a large New York store that they would stock his ties, if he took his initials off. Of course, he said no. This gesture ultimately led to global success,” said Port editor Dan Crowe. “That dedication to his vision created a clear and translatable story. People connect with Ralph Lauren because of that clarity of vision. I think a big creative business can only flourish with that attitude.”

Question 5: Who put Suzy Menkes on ‘the path’ to fashion journalism?

a. Carmel Snow
b. Diana Vreeland
c. Rupert Murdoch
d. Charles Wintour

Answer 5: Choice (d) is correct. “When it came to journalism, you know something, I think there’s always a need for somebody who can write well, be efficient, go out and get the stories,” said Suzy Menkes. “I think, really, the person who put me on the path was Charles Wintour, Anna Wintour’s father.” Mr Wintour, a highly-respected editor himself, gave Menkes, then only 24, a job as fashion editor of London’s Evening Standard, creating ripples across the industry because of her young age and relative inexperience.

Question 6: Which of the following is Rupert Sanderson’s most popular product in China?

a. his digital print collection
b. his gold leaf collection
c. his ‘couture sneaker’ collection
d. his wedge collection

Answer 6: Choice (b) is correct. According to Bertrand Mak, Rupert Sanderson’s partner in Hong Kong and China, “The gold leaf collection, which we developed specifically for Asia, is incredibly successful… In terms of categories, 80 percent of what we sell in Shanghai has gold leaf components.”

Question 7: Who said, “Print is personal”?

a. Thomas Tait
b. Christopher Shannon
c. Lisa King
d. Mary Katrantzou

Answer 7: Choice (c) is correct. “Print is so personal. Not everyone is going to like every print, but you might like the idea it came from and you might wear it in a different way,” Lisa King observed. The silk scarves are made in Worcestershire by a factory she has worked with since her university days, and her cashmere and modal ones are made in Italy.

Question 8: Suzy Menkes said the following about ______.

“[His first show] was an extraordinary moment. You just felt this person had all these ideas…I just sat there and thought, ‘How can one person have so many ideas and put so much out there?’”

a. Alexander McQueen
b. Christopher Bailey
c. Christopher Kane
d. Erdem Moralıoğlu

Answer 8: Choice (c) is correct. Looking at the crop of young designers rising up the ranks of the industry today, Suzy Menkes invoked wunderkind designer Christopher Kane. “[His first show] was an extraordinary moment. You just felt this person had all these ideas. And when he did his brain scan collection, I just sat there and thought, ‘How can one person have so many ideas and put so much out there?’”

Question 9: “We take design talent and we magnify it” represents the corporate culture of _____.

a. Rolex
b. John Lobb
c. British Fashion Council
d. Swarovski

Answer 9: Choice (d) is correct. Nadja Swarovski recently discussed Swarovski’s corporate culture, “You could say that the company’s culture reflects the qualities of a crystal.
A crystal is clear and it is multi-faceted,
 so the light reflects better and acts as a lens and a magnifier. This is really how we see ourselves as a company. We take design talent and we magnify it.”

Question 10: Which African country has the most billionaires?

a. Nigeria
b. South Africa
c. Kenya
d. Morocco

Answer 10: Choice (a) is correct. Nigeria has more billionaires than any other African country. Lagos, the Nigerian capital, is Africa’s largest city
and is home to a burgeoning wealthy class.

Answer Key: 1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (b) 4. (b) 5. (d) 6. (b) 7. (c) 8. (c) 9. (d) 10. (a)