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LONDON, United Kingdom — This week, Christopher Bailey’s new role at Burberry was thrust into the spotlight, following an investor vote last Friday rejecting a £20 million payout he received as part of a package to keep him at Burberry. It begged the question, asked here on BoF and elsewhere in the fashion media, “What is Christopher Bailey Really Worth?

In addition to his role as chief creative officer, Bailey had also been appointed chief executive of the largest British luxury brand, where he had played a critical role in the brand’s repositioning and turnaround. Bailey’s new appointment was controversial, and not entirely well-received by investors in the City of London.

But as talent spotter and headhunter Floriane de Saint Pierre pointed out in an interview with trend consultancy K-Hole for 032c, “Today, the question is: who leads a brand? Who creates the brand value? I would answer, undoubtedly, the creative leader, the individual who instinctively understands the spirit of a brand and the zeitgeist. This is true whether the background of the creative leader is design or business. When you understand the spirit of a brand and the zeitgeist, you can lead creatively. This is why the nomination of Christopher Bailey as Chief Creative Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Burberry is extremely interesting, and incredibly smart.”

The full interview with Floriane sparked a lively discussion amongst commenters on Facebook and BoF. Have a read and chime in. What do you think?

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