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  1. Victoria’s Secret to Stage Swimwear Show

    “The American lingerie label is this week filming a 2015 swimwear show at various locations in Puerto Rico.” …More

  2. Profits Up at Fashion Group Jigsaw

    “Jigsaw, the privately owned fashion retailer, increased sales and profits in its last financial year, paving …More

  3. Asians Flock to Social Networks for Shopping Sprees

    “Rapid growth for such fashion-based social networks is not surprising considering recent figures that showed …More

  4. Rent the Runway, a Designer Fashion Start-Up, Raises $60 Million

    “On Friday, the company plans to announce it has raised $60 million in venture capital, which will value the …More

  5. Reformation, an Eco Label the Cool Girls Pick

    “Founded in 2008, Reformation spent the first five years of its existence as a modest business. In the last …More