Rethinking outlets, Luxury rebound, UK high street crisis, Tommy Hilfiger radio, Shulman on luxury shopping

Nordstrom Rack Union Square | Source: Stylist

Why Luxury Goods Are Scarce at Outlet Malls (Bloomberg)
“You don’t have nearly the quality you had in the recent past and you don’t have the degree of discounts…It’s hard to believe all of these players can operate 50 to 100 outlets successfully. There’s going to be a shakeout.”

Luxury sector in solid rebound (FT)
“As restocking effects are now over across most luxury product categories, third quarter sales trends at LVMH and the broader sector are more closely aligned with underlying consumer demand – a positive in the run-up to Christmas.”

UK high street faces more than 26,500 shop closures by 2015 (Telegraph)
“As the UK’s economy slowly crawls back to health, more than 26,500 retailers will be forced to close by 2015, according to research by BDO. The figure includes 15,400 fashion shops.”

Tommy Hilfiger debuts its own digital radio (Independent)
“The unique digital radio station will be broadcast seven days a week and 24 hours a day by a team of professional programmers, DJs and on-air disc jockeys from the Goom Radio studios in France and the US.”

Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman on luxury shopping (BBC)
“Whilst some of us are tightening are belts, some of us are buying expensive ones. It seems for some people the age of austerity is now well and truly over…Alexandra Shulman, editor in chief of British Vogue told the BBC why people spend money on luxury brands.”