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Angela Missoni

Creative Director, Missoni

Now at the helm of the knitwear label founded by her parents, she has continued her family legacy in colourful geometric patterns.

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Now at the helm of the knitwear label founded by her parents, she has continued her family legacy in colourful geometric patterns.

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Angela Missoni is the creative director of Missoni, her family’s beloved knitwear brand, which has been popular since her parents started creating their psychedelic patterns and multi-coloured zigzag knitwear. Both are now instantaneously evocative of the family brand.

Missoni married young, and was pregnant by the time she was 23. She spent serene, if not quiet, years raising her children, rearing chickens, and starting a children’s nursery. Having stayed at home until her children were school age, Missoni entered the fashion industry with her own label.

After a few seasons at her own label, she took over from her mother as creative director of Missoni, debuting her first line for the label in 1997. Her designs and attitudes reinvigorated the label and placed it back in the fashion zeitgeist, marking the start of a period of commercial success lasting well over a decade.

Missoni’s designs and her further development of the brand, along with the accompanying press, largely enabled the company’s expansion into the hotel industry and lucrative collaborations with companies such as San Pellegrino and Target.


Angela’s daughter Margherita is being groomed as her successor, working on the label’s accessories and swim line. "Now that she's more involved, I realize that she has all the qualities necessary to be able to do it. I'd like to eventually have a second life, like my mom had [with Missoni Home, to which her mother moved in 1997], I saw this renewal of her enthusiasm late in life, and it was very different, a different pace. Let's call it a 'Part II,'" Missoni told Harper’s Bazaar.

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