Can Technology Help Fashion Etailers Tackle ‘Try Before You Buy?’

LONDON, United Kingdom — In the early days of e-commerce, fashion brands were hesitant about selling online for two main reasons: fear that online distribution would dilute exclusivity and suspicion that consumers would never buy luxury fashion they weren’t able to physically try on. Nonetheless, in 2009, in the midst of The Great Recession, the online luxury market grew by 20%, a rate that’s expected to accelerate through the close of 2010, and online fashion retailers at both ends of the spectrum, from Net-a-Porter to Asos, the UK’s largest online-only fashion store, are reporting rapid growth. But buying fashion online is distinctly different to buying consumer electronics or books from Amazon. Fashion consumers still like to try before they buy,…

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How Hotspotting Technology Could Connect Fashion Videos to Commerce

Screenshot of Dazed & Confused March Trailer | Source: Pokeware

NEW YORK, United States — “Moving image is the future of fashion communication.” It’s a mantra we’ve been hearing from influencers across the industry. Indeed, the number of unique viewers of online video has increased 10.5 percent year-over-year, according to The Nielsen Company, from 127.6 million unique viewers in February 2009 to 141 million in February 2010. With this kind of reach and rapid growth, it’s no surprise that both

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Emerging Designers | In China, Priestess NYC Takes The Local Route

Brandishing Priestess in Beijing | Source: Priestess NYC

NEW YORK, United States — The growing importance of the Chinese market to the retail sector is well known – particularly amongst large multinational fashion companies. Few smaller labels, however, have made it their mission to penetrate the vast country. But for Cody Ross, the New York-based Texan behind five-seasons-old womenswear label Priestess NYC, establishing a local presence in China early on is a critical part of his

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J Brand Jeans | In Search of The Perfect Fit

J Brand's perfect fit jeans | Source: J Brand

NEW YORK, United States — As the holiday shopping season draws near, we’re watching the market for premium denim with particular interest. According to a recent article by Eric Wilson in The New York Times: “The $300 pair of designer jeans is now, courtesy of the recession, the $200 pair of designer jeans.” With this recent “market correction,” Los Angeles-based J Brand has become one of the hottest

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Sophie Theallet | Uniquely Untrendy

Sophie Theallet

NEW YORK, United States — New York fashion is said to strike a balance between commerce and creativity. With few exceptions, New York designers tend to prioritise practical concerns like wearability over more frivolous concerns like the so-called wow factor. On the surface, this seems like a sound business strategy. But when designers focus too much on the practical and are obsessed with being on-trend or with what their peers are

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Karolina Zmarlak | Transformational value

The ever-morphing Barcelona dress, courtesy of Karolina Zmarlak

NEW YORK, United States — As global economic woes continue to wear on consumer spending, some fashion and luxury companies are teetering on the brink. Blue chip brands are halting expansion plans in order to focus on survival tactics, while smaller labels with limited resources are faced with the reality of sudden annihilation. It may not seem to be the ideal time to start a new label, but New York-based womenswear designer

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