CEO Talk | Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion, Chanel

Bruno Pavlovsky by Karl Lagerfeld | Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

LONDON, United Kingdom — Of all the luxury fashion brands in the world, Chanel is perhaps the most famous, as well as the most secretive. Indeed, even inside the fashion industry, few have heard of its only shareholders, the discreet Wertheimer family, descendents of Pierre Wertheimer, an early business partner of Coco Chanel herself. In contrast, other luxury megabrands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Cartier are part of

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CEO Talk | Aldo Bensadoun, Founder and Executive Chairman, Aldo Group

Aldo Bensadoun in the atrium of Aldo's Montreal Headquarters | Photo: Courtesy of Aldo Group

MONTRÉAL, Canada — Right at the heart of shoes and accessories giant Aldo’s sprawling, one million square foot global campus-cum-headquarters in suburban Montréal is an olive tree — not a common sight in a city with a climate that swings between frigid winters and hot, humid summers. “I like planting trees. I plant an awful lot of trees,” explains Aldo Bensadoun, who founded his namesake business 40 years ago, this year. “I find

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CEO Talk | François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PPR

François-Henri Pinault | Photo: Virgile Guinard

On the day of the official announcement of a major joint-venture between PPR and YOOX Group, BoF’s Imran Amed speaks to PPR chief executive officer François-Henri Pinault for a global exclusive interview on how the new partnership fits into Mr Pinault’s digital vision for PPR.

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CEO Talk | Christophe Chenut, Chief Executive Officer, Lacoste

Cristophe Chenut | Source: Lacoste

PARIS, France – Entering the headquarters of Lacoste, one of France’s biggest and most widely known apparel and lifestyle brands, everyone is remarkably ‘on brand’. From the sporty looking women at the reception desk to the public relations executives, practically everyone is wearing the brand’s iconic polo shirt with the jaunty, world-famous crocodile logo. It’s easy to forget just how influential Lacoste has been over the years.

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CEO Talk | Tom Murry, President and Chief Executive Officer, Calvin Klein

Tom Murry | Photo: Danny Clinch

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s not every day that you get to meet a CEO who oversees a fashion brand which does more than $7 billion in sales at retail. Indeed, Calvin Klein is one of the most successful American fashion businesses of the last 25 years. But the Calvin Klein business is markedly different from many of its peers (particularly those based in Europe) in that it is almost entirely a licensing business, with scores of

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CEO Talk | Steven Kolb, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Fashion Designers of America

Steven Kolb | Photo: Carly Otness/

PARIS, France — The fashion world is in a tizzy. Ever since the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) laid down the gauntlet, scheduling next autumn’s Milan Fashion Week from September 19th to 24th, a massive rift has emerged amongst the fashion fraternity. New York Fashion Week, organised by the Council for Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), is scheduled to start on the 13th of September and conclude on the 20th. London

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CEO Talk | Giovanni Pungetti, Chief Executive Officer, Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela by Julien Oppenheim | Source: Maison Martin Margiela

On the eve of Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show in Paris, we are pleased to publish our latest CEO Talk with Giovanni Pungetti. PARIS, France – Our CEO Talks with the chief executives of international fashion brands are usually accompanied by photos of the figures who lead these businesses. Things at Maison Martin Margiela are not quite so simple. While Margiela chief executive Giovanni Pungetti was

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CEO Talk | Alessandro Benetton, Executive Deputy Chairman, Benetton Group

Alessandro Benetton | Source: Benetton Group

MILAN, Italy — It’s not always easy running the family business, especially when that business is an Italian fashion powerhouse, operating in 120 countries around the world and earning more than 2 billion euros in annual revenue from its more than 4,000 directly-operated and franchised store locations. That’s exactly what Alessandro Benetton, 47 year-old scion of the Benetton fashion dynasty has been doing for the past few years.

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CEO Talk | Harry Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Shiatzy Chen

Harry Wang | Source: Shiatzy Chen

PARIS, France — Long before the question arose about who would create the first Chinese luxury brand, Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia set up Shiatzy Chen to explore her tailoring skills and budding interest in serving the local luxury market in Taiwan. Fast forward thirty years, and Ms. Wang now has a business with a turnover of more than $60m and growing, built through hard work, perseverance and — in the Chinese tradition — the support of

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CEO Talk | Emanuele Carminati Molina, President, Valextra

Emmanuele Carminati, President, Valextra | Source: Valextra

MILAN, Italy — In 1937, in Milan’s Piazza San Babila, a new brand called Valextra was born. Eventually Valextra became known for producing the ultimate in Italian luxury leather goods for only the most wealthy and discerning Italian clients. Valextra was amongst the first to create products that matched the changing lifestyle of this elite class, who were just becoming accustomed to the luxury of air travel. Fast forward 75

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CEO Talk | Matteo Marzotto, Chairman, Vionnet

Matteo Marzotto, CEO Vionnet | Source: BoF

MILAN, Italy — When Matteo Marzotto, stylish scion of the Italian fashion dynasty announced in February 2009 that he was acquiring the storied House of Vionnet, owned at the time by Arnaud de Lummen who had already had a go at reviving the sleeping beauty himself, the response from the fashion industry was simultaneously one of intrigue and distaste. On the one hand, a swarm of journalists and buyers packed into Marzotto’s Milan

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CEO Talk | Marigay McKee, Fashion and Beauty Director, Harrods

Marigay McKee, formerly chief merchant of Harrods | Source: Harrods

LONDON, United Kingdom — Later this month, Luxury Briefing will hold its 14th Luxury Briefing Conference, an annual gathering of the industry’s great and good in London. Called Future Luxe, this year’s conference will explore the luxury industry of the future and incorporate a new format designed to foster more networking and interaction amongst the attendees. The speakers — including writer Dana Thomas, Soho House CEO

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