Trio of Influential VCs to Invest in Services for Google Glass

Google Glass | Source: Google

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Three influential venture capital firms are teaming up to find and finance entrepreneurs who want to create applications and other accessories for Google Glass. That's an Internet-connected device that is setting out to turn wearable computing into the latest fashion trend.

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Alibaba Founder: “The Next Five Years are the Golden Age for E-commerce” in China

HANGZHOU, China — Billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., said “the next five years are the golden age for e-commerce” in China, which has more online shoppers than the U.S. The value of its online retail transactions is projected to double to $411 billion by 2015.

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Everlane’s Canadian Crowdfunding Experiment

CrowdFundCanada | Source: Everlane

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Inspired by sites like Kickstarter, venture-backed online retailer Everlane has launched a crowdfunding campaign, dubbed CrowdFundCanada, to gauge consumer interest before launching in the Canadian market. At time of publication, the company was over 70 percent of the way towards its goal of raising $100,000 in pre-orders and credits from Canadian consumers by March 21, having raised $70,235 from over

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Google-Backed Report Says Turkey’s Online Business Will Surge

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Turkey’s Internet economy will probably grow at 19 percent a year until 2017 as Turkish companies embrace Web-based business, according to a report sponsored by Google Inc. Turkey’s Internet economy will grow to 2.6 percent of gross domestic product, or 64.3 billion liras ($35.7 billion), by 2017 from 1.7 percent and 22 billion liras in 2011, Boston Consulting Group Inc. said in the report. In 2011, Turkish consumers spent about 8.8 billion liras on Internet access and charges, and more than 4.4 billion liras on e-commerce. “Consumption is expected to be the largest driver of growth, primarily through an increase in e-commerce following a rise in broadband and Internet user penetration,” according to the report. In a more…

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Pinterest Offers New Tool, Lays Foundation for Monetisation

Pinterest | Source: Pinterest

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — Online scrapbook Pinterest is rolling out new tools that will show businesses the number of visitors it delivers to their websites, part of the fast-growing start-up's efforts to build a base for the introduction of money-making features.

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