Connecting With Consumers Through Wearable Devices

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NEW YORK, United States — “We see this as a world where every product we create is a smart product,” Stefan Olander, Nike’s vice president of digital sport, told BoF following a SXSW presentation centered on Nike+ FuelBand, a sleek motion-tracking wristband and iPhone app that measures and visualises everyday physical activity, providing users with realtime data on each step taken and each calorie burned. “RFID tags are so tiny now

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Elevator Pitch | Stylitics

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It’s time for the third edition of Elevator Pitch, where one exceptional fashion-technology start-up pitches its business idea and receives valuable feedback from a panel of fashion, technology and investment experts, as well as the wider BoF community. NEW YORK, United States — The fashion technology scene continues to explode, and one of the epicentres of activity is New York City. Following in the footsteps of Gilt Groupe, Moda

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Commerce That’s Curated Just for You

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NEW YORK, United States — Finding fashion products online that fit personal parameters like taste, style, size, body shape, eye colour, hair colour and skin tone; are right for a particular mood or upcoming event; and can be nicely mixed-and-matched with the existing contents of a user’s closet, all while quickening the pulse and providing a feeling of discovery, is a problem that offers tremendous opportunity for would-be

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Digital Scorecard | Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers LONDON, United Kingdom – By now, social media marketing has become de rigueur for luxury and fashion brands looking to engage end consumers. And indeed, more and more luxury brands are following in the footsteps of first movers and building community-oriented experiences that allow fans to upload their own content which (once carefully curated) can be shared across these sites and the wider social

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Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season

NEW YORK, United States — What makes a successful fashion film? Is it a strong visual concept? Content that can be quickly parsed? A savvy distribution strategy? Humour? Provocation? A famous model or a catchy soundtrack? Creating compelling fashion videos has always been more art than science. But as we set about compiling our ranking of this season’s best films, we saw some interesting commonalities. While Cartier’s 3-minute CGI

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Looking Back at SXSW Interactive

AUSTIN, United States — Sometimes described as ‘spring break for geeks,’ the annual SXSW Interactive conference is a 5-day whirlwind of panels, presentations, parties, product launches, ‘hackathons’ and happy hours. This year’s conference was said to have attracted more than 25,000 attendees, ranging from tech entrepreneurs to agency executives, to this progressive Texan city with a budding start-up culture of its own, for what, at

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