Cross Company to Launch Ethical Mega-Chain, Counterpoint to Fast Fashion

Advertising for Sevendays Sunday, owned by Cross Company | Source: Sevendays Sunday

Japanese apparel retailer Cross Company aims to create a new global chain, stocked with ethical products and positioned as an alternative to fast fashion, with annual sales of ¥1 trillion. JapanConsuming reports.

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Market GPS | Azerbaijan’s Edge in the Caucasus

Model wearing Tilmann Grawe in front of Crystal Hall, Baku | Photo: Jacques Beneich

A tangled web connects Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. But can a comprehensive fashion market emerge out of this tense region moulded by ancient cultures and anxious modernisers? Market GPS is sponsored by Marvin Traub Associates.

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Profit and Loss on the ‘Champs-Élysées’ of a Syrian Refugee Camp

The 'Champs Élysées' main market street in the Za'atari refugee camp, Jordan | Photo: Dustin Mennie

Inside Za’atari, a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, a nimble micro-economy worth about $12.7 million per month, hosts a growing number of shops selling fashion and accessories. BoF reports.

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