Valentino: Fashioning change from private equity

This week's Economist ominously warns of "The Trouble with Private Equity" at a time when many in the fashion world are wondering how the infusion of private capital will impact their industry. In the last month alone, La Perla, Samsonite and Valentino have all been snapped up by private equity funds. Just today, The Sunday Times broke the news that Prada has also been in talks with private investors. (Not surprisingly, Prada has denied these reports, but it is not hard to see why this would be a natural option for Patrizio Bertelli, especially given several failed attempts at taking Prada public.) The recent investment exuberance around fashion brands is a dramatic departure from the stance that many professional investors…

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The Basics | Part 3 – How do I Find the Right Investors and Partners?

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Taking on financing is one of the most important decisions an emerging fashion company will make.  This step is absolutely essential because the early stages of growth often requires significant amounts of working capital that cannot be generated by the business alone. So, unless you are independently wealthy and sitting on a pile of cash, financing decisions will be part of your critical path, early on. What is the difference

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