Marking Five Years of BoF

LONDON, United Kingdom — This week marks a very special milestone in the history of The Business of Fashion: our 5th birthday! Back in January 2007, I spent one hundred dollars for an annual Typepad subscription and, with the help of a friend, set up a blog at I called it The Business of Fashion, cobbled together a clumsy looking header in Powerpoint and started jotting down ideas and observations about the

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The Business of Fashion | We are Dot-Com

The Business of Fashion in Vogue Korea, May 2008

LONDON, United Kingdom — It’s been awhile since our last BoF update. The past few months have been busy on our end, so forgive us for a solely BoF-focused post to keep you abreast of all the developments on our side in recent months, and to share a little about things to come in the months to come. We are dot-com: Probably the most noticeable change since our redesign in December is our new domain name:

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The Business of Fashion | New features and contributors

Readership and subscriptions to The Business of Fashion have continued to grow, largely through a campaign of whispers where one person tells another person who tells another person. This is exactly how we'd like to get around.  So, thanks to all of you for recommending BoF to your colleagues and friends in the fashion business. With this continued momentum, I thought it was about time we began to deliver more features and content -- but I can't possibly create all this on my own. And so, today I am pleased to welcome our first two contributors to the Business of Fashion, Robert Cordero and W. David Marx. You may have already been enjoying our new BoF Daily Digest. There is…

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