Op-Ed | Brands Must Offer 3D Printable Designs or Face DIY Counterfeiters

Asher Levine sunglasses being produced by a 3D printer | Source: Makerbot

Fashion must react quickly to changes in technology and make do-it-yourself, 3D-printable designs in order to avoid a coming flood of infringement and, instead, benefit from the rise of 3D printing, argues Rose Auslander, a partner in the Intellectual Property department of Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP, a Wall Street law firm.

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Op-Ed | In the Face of Continuing Injustice, a Socially Responsible Garment Factory

Inside Industrial Revolution II's garment factory in Haiti | Source: Industrial Revolution II

In response to the continuing injustices suffered by garment workers globally, tougher regulations and more stringent factory audits are not enough, says Rob Broggi, CEO and founding partner of Industrial Revolution II, a new kind of garment factory founded on the principles of socially responsible manufacturing.

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