Right Brain, Left Brain | Learning from Luxup

Luxup Screenshot | Source: Luxup.com

They had a stellar team with some of the biggest names in British fashion, a group of smart, solid investors with a great track record, and had a business targeted at luxury tourists, the fastest-growing segment in the industry. So why did Luxup suddenly cease trading last Friday?

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Right Brain, Left Brain | The Making of Pattern

Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers, 10 Curators | Source: Phaidon

Today, BoF founder and editor-in-chief Imran Amed kicks off Right Brain, Left Brain, a new column on his observations at the intersection of business, creativity, and the global fashion industry. LONDON, United Kingdom — In 2006, when I first started exploring the fashion industry, there was one book that became my bible. It wasn’t a book about the fashion business. It was a book called Sample, published by Phaidon, which showcased

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