The Spotlight | Heaven Tanudiredja

Heaven Tanudiredja Spring/Summer 2013 | Photo: Courtesy Heaven Tanudiredja

Today, the BoF Spotlight turns to Indonesian-born designer Heaven Tanudiredja, who, after training in womenswear at Antwerp’s Royal Academy and working for Dries van Noten, launched his collection of bold, ultra-detailed statement jewellery.

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The Spotlight | Golden Lane

LONDON, United Kingdom — Six years after founding men’s accessories business Chris & Tibor — known for its practical but chic leather bags named after iconic London neighbourhoods and sold in over 20 countries — design duo Chris Liu and Tibor Matyas have turned their attention to the women’s market with a new accessories brand called Golden Lane. “That’s where the profits lie,” admitted Matyas, explaining the move. In some

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The Spotlight | Yang Li

Yang Li | Photo: Morgan O'Donovan

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, the Spotlight turns to Yang Li, a 24-year-old Central Saint Martins dropout and former Raf Simons intern, whose laser-sharp, monastically clean aesthetic is, surprisingly, the product of a range of reference points. “I got angry at school because they said: don’t look at other designers, you can only draw with your ideas,” says the London-based Li, who, instead, likens design to being a DJ,

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The Spotlight | Jin Kay

Jin Kay Autumn/Winter 2012 | Source: Jin Kay

NEW YORK, United States — This month, the BoF Spotlight shines on Jin Kay, a 26-year-old, Seoul-born, New York-based womenswear designer who won this year’s Parson’s Womenswear Designer of the Year award, following in the footsteps of creative luminaries like Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler. “I always wanted to create something that didn’t exist before, but at the same time I want to make clothing that’s classic and timeless,”

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The Spotlight | Thamanyah by Ahmed Abdelrahman

Detached Sleeve Kandora from Thamanyah Autumn/Winter 2012 | Photo: Asha Mines

PARIS, France — “I met him at the gym, in his boxing shorts, fancy sneakers and large Kelly Bag as a gym bag,” recalls Michèle Lamy — Rick Owens’ captivating muse, wife, and business partner — of her Dubai-born, Paris-based protégé, Ahmed Abdelrahman. “He was able, in a couple of months, to mingle Middle-Eastern and Western culture in a such a chic, clever, refined way — mind-blowing,” she exclaims. Indeed, Abdelrahman’s precise,

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The Spotlight | Laurenceairline

Laurenceairline A/W 2012 | Photo: Cyrille Robin for BoF

PARIS, France — Many recent international fashion collections have been ‘inspired’ by African culture and crafts. But why have we heard so little about designers originating from Africa itself? Enter Laurenceairline, a small Paris-based menswear label, founded less than a year ago by Ivory Coast-born Laurence Chauvin Buthaud, who seems poised to make her mark on menswear. “I mix different materials until I find the

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The Spotlight | Lucas Nascimento

Photography by Morgan O’Donovan

LONDON, United Kingdom — “I like when people see my clothes and say, ‘oh, is that knit?’” confesses 32-year-old Lucas Nascimento. Indeed, the knitwear designer’s garments can be deceiving. His slick, sculpted silhouettes and intricate textures make his pieces look more like they’re crafted from some kind of luxurious techno-fabric from the future than woven cashmere, cotton and chenille. And that is precisely the designer’s goal.

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The Spotlight | Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis Resort 2013 | Source: Alexander Lewis

LONDON, United Kingdom — For Alexander Lewis, preparing for the launch of his debut collection has been a gradual and methodical process. “Even though I’d known what the collection was going to be about, I put that on the shelf and spent a lot of time working on pure business research and building my business plan,” the Chicago-born, London-based designer with Brazilian roots told BoF. “I saw it being a very slow brew, not a flash

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