The Spotlight | Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis Resort 2013 | Source: Alexander Lewis

LONDON, United Kingdom — For Alexander Lewis, preparing for the launch of his debut collection has been a gradual and methodical process. “Even though I’d known what the collection was going to be about, I put that on the shelf and spent a lot of time working on pure business research and building my business plan,” the Chicago-born, London-based designer with Brazilian roots told BoF. “I saw it being a very slow brew, not a flash

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The Spotlight | Edeline Lee

Edeline Lee | Photo: Matt Wash

LONDON, United Kingdom — Seeing the designer in her element, there is no mistaking that Edeline Lee is woman who wears many hats. At her live-in studio in Kensington, clothing samples, notes and reference books are strewn about the space while Lee and her assistant cast a fit model for her upcoming season. Around the corner and just in sight, Lee’s son is drawing a birthday card for a friend. For the designer, entrepreneur and

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The Spotlight | Craig Green

Papier-mâché luggage with cotton tunic and trousers by Craig Green | Photo: Morgan O’Donovan

LONDON, United Kingdom — Menswear designer Craig Green may have only finished his MA in fashion design at Central Saint Martins last month, but the 25-year old is already turning heads. Of course, it helps that his digitally printed tie-dye collection of cotton trousers, tunics and sculptural wooden and papier-mâché accoutrements tied with Luke Brooks to win the prestigious L’Oréal Professional Creative Award. And judging by

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The Spotlight | Tim Coppens

NEW YORK, United States — This month, the BoF Spotlight shines on Tim Coppens, a promising Belgian-born designer who is rapidly ascending the menswear ranks in New York. Young menswear designers face the tricky challenge of pushing aesthetic boundaries while staying within the relatively limited sartorial confines of what the vast majority of men are willing to wear. Few succeed. But Coppens — who is a 2012 Ecco Domani award winner

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The Spotlight | Aquazzura

FLORENCE, Italy — This month, the BoF Spotlight shines on Aquazzura, a women’s footwear label designed by Colombian-born, Florence-based Edgardo Osorio who creates sexy, high quality shoes at refreshingly reasonable price points under $1000. After attending Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion, Osorio spent over ten years designing footwear for luxury brands including Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto

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The Spotlight | Palmer Harding

[vimeo][/vimeo] Palmer Harding S/S 2012 Film | Source: Palmer Harding LONDON, United Kingdom — Designed by Matthew Harding, 27, and Levi Palmer, 30, Palmer Harding made its debut at London Fashion Week last September, focusing on the power of a crisp white shirt. With this simple, savvy strategy, compulsive attention to detail and wizard-like skills for sculpting Swiss cotton, the men’s and women’s shirt

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The Spotlight | Song For The Mute

Song For The Mute S/S 2012 | Source: Song For The Mute

SYDNEY, Australia — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to Song for the Mute, an Australian menswear label founded by graphic artist Melvin Tanaya and Accademia Italiana Di Moda-trained designer Lyna Ty, whose sleek, modern clothes and unconventional approach to traditional fabrics made them the first ever menswear brand to win the prestigious Designer Award earlier this year at the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, an accolade

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The Spotlight | Malene Oddershede Bach

Malene Oddershede Bach S/S 2012 | Source: Malene Oddershede Bach

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to Malene Oddershede Bach, the Denmark-born, London-based designer whose meticulously constructed Spring-Summer collection of architectural-yet-feminine silhouettes, textured knits, silks and cottons, and vivid, unexpected prints stood out at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ show this season. Oddershede Bach’s spring colour palette of electric pink, turquoise,

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The Spotlight | InAisce

InAisce S/S 2012 | Source: InAisce

NEW YORK, United States — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to InAisce, the New York-based anti-trend menswear label launched by Colorado native Jona (first name only) whose poetic and meticulously crafted work — simultaneously forward-looking and artisanal — first caught our eye at New York boutique If. “InAisce doesn’t fit into a category,” Jona told BoF, speaking at his design studio on the fourth floor of a former factory

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The Spotlight | Flaminia Saccucci

Flaminia Saccucci Graduate Collection | Source: Flaminia Saccucci

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, we shine the BoF Spotlight on print designer Flaminia Saccucci, whose symphony of printed latex garments — inspired by the sexiness of rubber, the masculinity of tyres and the feminine fragility of wild flowers — snagged her the L’Oréal Professional Young Talent Award for the best student collection at the Central Saint Martins BA graduate show a few weeks back. Speaking with BoF, the young

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The Spotlight | Huishan Zhang

Huishan Zhang A/W 2011 | Source: Huishan Zhang

LONDON, United Kingdom — One of the greatest aspects of teaching at Central Saint Martins (apart from walking its hallowed halls) is having a first look at the strong talent that the College manages to attract from around the world, and then witnessing (often with amazement!) how that talent develops over time. The strongest students take advantage of all that CSM has to offer, and in the process, discover their own design voice

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The Spotlight | Tze Goh

Tze Goh detail | Source: Tze Goh

LONDON, United Kingdom — This month, the BoF Spotlight turns to Singapore-born, London-based designer Tze Goh, whom we first came across during London Fashion Week at Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch.’ show. In fashion, designers often combine multiple points of reference in a single collection to give their clothes a more novel and appealing context. But Goh takes a more tightly focused approach to his

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The Spotlight | Maryam Keyhani

Quilya Necklace | Source: Maryam Keyhani

TORONTO, Canada — Artistry runs in Maryam Keyhani’s blood. “There is nothing I can do but to make things with my hands,” she says. “But it is hard to make money from art,” a lesson she learned at the age of 13, going from gallery to gallery to help sell her father’s artwork shortly after she and her family moved to Canada from Tehran. “I wasn’t doing  it for fun, it was for

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