Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie

Founder, Toms

The social entrepreneur pioneered the ‘one for one’ giving model with his footwear start-up, which donates shoes to needy children.

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Since founding ethical footwear company Toms, chief executive officer Blake Mycoskie has donated over ten million pairs of shoes to children in need through an innovative ‘One for One’ campaign that has received widespread recognition and a dedicated global following.

The for-profit company, launched in 2006, currently earns an estimated $250 million in annual revenues, having extended its product range to include eyewear, providing essential eyecare for each pair of eyewear sold. A pioneer of social entrepreneurship, Mycoskie’s philanthropy and business model earned him the 2009 Award of Corporate Excellence by then US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

The inspiration for Toms came when Mycoskie was touring around Argentina in early 2006, following a day spent volunteering at a local non-profit organisation in Buenos Aires.  Working from a traditional Argentinean slip-on shoe, Mycoskie built a prototype and set an initial goal to donate shoes to 250 children by selling stock in small local boutiques and stores in Los Angeles. By 2010, shoe sales had reached over 1 million pairs and they were stocked in all major retailers. Despite eschewing traditional forms of advertising, Toms also quickly garnered a strong fan following, currently boasting over 2 million followers on social media sites.


  • Toms

    Founder 2006 - Present, Santa Monica, California

  • Reality Central
    Reality Central

    2003 - 2006

  • Mycoskie Media
    Mycoskie Media

    Founder 1999 - 2003, Nashville, United States

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