Bruno Pavlovsky Karl Lagerfeld

Bruno Pavlovsky

President of Fashion, Chanel

The accomplished fashion executive emphasises creativity and measured growth at one of the industry’s most prestigious brands.

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Bruno Pavlovsky is president of fashion at one of the few fashion houses deserving of its 'iconic' moniker, Chanel. Pavlovsky oversees Chanel’s crown jewel, the ready-to-wear and haute-couture businesses on which the codes of the house are based.

Pavlovsky told BoF, “Today, Chanel is perhaps one of the most successful business models based on creativity. We let these creative people go to the next step in designing the collection. And, on the other hand, we maximise the impact of the collection at every point of sale.”

It is Pavlovsky’s responsibility to create the commercial environments that allow Karl Lagerfeld’s designs to be such successful brand identifiers, saying “it’s about how we play all of these good points, good things, good energies to recreate something special at the boutique level. This is the base of this business model.”

Pavlovsky also embarked upon a steady buy up of many of Chanel’s specialist suppliers, including Lesage, Dreseus, Lemarié, Maison Michel and Barrie Knitwear under the umbrella Parrafection. “For us, at Chanel, it’s a guarantee that this creativity can continue to exist for the next 50 years.”

Under Pavlovsky’s guidance, guaranteeing creativity is tantamount to guaranteeing Chanel’s place at the very peak of industry.

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