Luca Stoppini

Luca Stoppini

Art Director, Vogue Italia

The visual artist has lent his multi- dimensional artistic direction to multiple magazines, alongside his work as a curator.

Italy Creative Class 2013 BoF 500 2013



Serving as art director of Vogue Italia since 1991, Luca Stoppini has overseen the publication’s creative visual layouts for over twenty years. A former architecture student, Stoppini joined the publication alongside Anna Piaggi in 1981, immediately establishing a strong visual identity for the publication. He was subsequently appointed to oversee L’Uomo Vogue and Casa Vogue. One of his most memorable layouts for the publication was a series of collages created in partnership with Debra Scherer, showcasing snapshots of American culture to the Italian style set.

Stoppini has worked on a number of creative collaborations throughout his career including advertising campaigns for Valentino, Prada and Les Copains. He has also designed visual layouts for a number of books such as ‘Animal: Dolce and Gabbana, Wildness’, ‘B.M. Beppe Modense’ and ‘Moschino’.


  • Vogue Magazine
    Vogue Magazine

    Art Director, Vogue Italia Italy

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