Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes

International Vogue Editor, Conde Nast International

The International Vogue Editor has reported from the front lines of runway shows for decades with her accurate and fair assessments.

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A singular authority in a world of opinions, Suzy Menkes, the outgoing style editor of The International New York Times, formerly known as The International Herald Tribune, is one of fashion’s most informed, balanced and respected voices. It was announced in March 2014 that she would join Condé Nast International as the International Vogue Editor, reporting and contributing to all non-US Vogue websites.

Menkes had worked for the IHT for 26 years, and is remarkably popular in the industry, given the critical nature of her job. When she was arbitrarily banned from a show due to a prior review, the industry supported her and boycotted the show. Importantly, Menkes also hosted an annual luxury conference for The International Herald Tribune and will spearhead a similar event for Condé Nast International in her new role.

Menkes was also a columnist for The New York Times T Magazine, where she famously argued that fashion’s relentless and increased calendar had negative ramifications for designers and their output. In 2013, Menkes also criticised what she dubbed “the fashion circus” of bloggers and street style ‘celebrities,’ writing “There is something ridiculous about the self-aggrandisement of some online arbiters who go against the mantra that I was taught in my earliest days as a fashion journalist: “It isn’t good because you like it; you like it because it’s good.”

Menkes lives by her own mantra, donating any gifts she is sent to the American Hospital in Paris, or returning them with note explaining, “I was brought up to believe a girl should never accept anything but flowers and chocolates.”

It has done her no harm. Every show attendee will agree that each fashion week morning invariably begins with the same phrase, ‘Did you read Suzy?’


  • Vogue Magazine
    Vogue Magazine

    Incoming International Vogue Editor, Condé Nast International 2014 - Present, London

  • International Herald Tribune
    International Herald Tribune

    Outgoing Head Fashion Reporter and Editor 1988 - 2014, Paris, France

  • The Independent
    The Independent

    1987 - 1988, London, United Kingdom

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