Daily Digest

10 April, 2013

Model Behaviour: Why British Vogue is an Example to the Fashion Industry

Prada Autumn/Winter 2013 | Source: Nowfashion

“In 2009, Equity opened its doors to models working in Britain’s fashion industry and offered them union representation. Four years later, Equity and British Vogue have reached a landmark agreement by signing a 10-point code of conduct governing the treatment of models on photo shoots.”

Chief’s Silicon Valley Stardom Quickly Clashed at J.C. Penney

Ron Johnson | Source: The New York Times

“Mr. Johnson wanted to transform Penney into shopping wonderland with designer boutiques and stable prices instead of coupons. But many of his ideas were not tested and soon backfired, and in recent months the board, including William A. Ackman, the activist hedge fund titan who had recruited him, grew impatient.”

LVMH to Mix Luxury and Tourism in Paris

La Samaritaine | Source: The Wall Street Journal

“Luxury-goods giant LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton has a plan to mix class and mass tourism in the heart of Paris. Eight years after concerns about fire safety forced LVMH to close its department store La Samaritaine, the retailer is set to break ground on a €460 million ($598.4 million) redevelopment of the iconic property.”