Daily Digest

17 May, 2013

Will Yahoo Try to Get Its “Cool Again” by Doing a Deal for Tumblr?

Tumblr Screenshots | Source: Google Images

“Earlier this week, Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman spoke at JP Morgan’s Global Technology conference and underscored the need for the aging Silicon Valley Internet giant to attract more users from the coveted 18-to-24-years-old age bracket… According to sources close to the situation, that could mean a strategic alliance and investment in or outright buy of perhaps the coolest Internet company of late: Tumblr.”

Thanks to New Digital Tools, Marketing is no Longer Voodoo

Superbowl | Source: TSE World

“With new digital tools marketers can reach the likeliest customers when they are most in the mood to buy… Instead of just lobbing messages out into the void, they must now act as customers’ ‘ambassadors’, says David Edelman of McKinsey, a consultancy. And that is tricky.”

Deadly Collapse in Cambodia Renews Safety Concerns

Cambodia Factory Collapse | Photo: Thomas Cristofoletti

“Survivors described a scene of panic Thursday after a raised storage area collapsed at a footwear factory in this Cambodian village, killing at least two workers, injuring a dozen more and underlining global worries about factory safety in poor countries.”