Daily Digest

29 August, 2013

Global Founders Capital Reveals First Three Investments, Including Lingoda, GirlMeetsDress And Videdressing

Girl Meets Dress Screen Shot | Source: Girl Meets Dress

“The Samwer brothers’ Global Founders Capital fund is announcing its first three investments today, a few short months after making its public debut. The initial round of investment isn’t earth-shattering, totaling just over $5 million, but it’s just the start for the nearly $200 million fund from Oliver and Marc Samwer, as well as third partner Fabian Siegel, the founder and architect of global food ordering startup giant Delivery Hero.”

Why the Market for 3D Printing will Triple in Five Years


“3D printing will explode in 2014, thanks to the expiration of key patents. Soon, you won’t have to master the (challenging, time-consuming) task of learning how to model things in 3D, because you’ll just be copying them from the real world usingcheap, effective 3D scanners.”

A Look at September Fashion Magazines

September Front Covers by William P. O'Donnell | Source: NY Times

“Certainly there’s a lot to absorb in the 902 pages of Vogue, and a shout-out to whoever decided to resurrect that photo of Novak Djokovic in a Speedo from the archives. But I do miss the days when magazines didn’t look so much as though they were striving to be synergized, on brand, on platform or just with-it to the point that the layouts appear to be inspired by Pinterest. I miss when magazines were an escape from reality, not a reminder to go back online.”

Ethical Fashion? No, it’s not an Oxymoron

Simone Cipriani, Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne Westwood, Federico Marchetti | Source: The Ethical Fashion Programme

“Ethical fashion? The term sounds like an oxymoron for an industry that sometimes seems to wallow in indulgence and hedonistic nihilism. The value more often found across the fashion sector seems to be that of shock.”