Daily Digest

11 September, 2013

China’s Fosun Joins Rush to Invest in Italy by Buying Caruso Stake

Raffaele Caruso Menswear | Source: Raffaele Caruso

“China’s largest privately owned conglomerate Fosun has added to its portfolio of luxury goods by buying a 35 per cent stake in Italian luxury menswear manufacturer and retailer Caruso. The deal came after Mr Zhong, Fosun’s head of global investment, ordered – and liked – a suit from the northern Italian menswear maker.”

Bangladesh Factory Victim Compensation Talks Start in Geneva

Collapsed building in Bangladesh | Source: Associated Press

“A meeting of retailers, labor unions and non-governmental organizations starts today in Geneva to discuss compensation for those killed and injured in two factory disasters in Bangladesh. Today’s talks are focused on the Tazreen factory blaze that took place in November, said Jenny Holdcroft, policy director at IndustriALL, a Geneva-based union federation representing workers in 140 countries. The meeting tomorrow will focus on the Rana Plaza factory collapse, the nation’s worst industrial accident, which killed more than 1,000 people.”

You Can’t Look Away From Thom Browne

“It seems to me that Mr. Browne did two noteworthy things. First, he created these fantastic compositions of color and texture; they can be refined over time … Second, every detail of his new collection — the curves and bumps, the erotic eruptions of fabrics, the animated pearls and the crazy hair — reflected an understanding of women.”

Downton Lobby: David Downton’s Exhibition at Claridges

David Downton with Cate Blanchett | Source: DavidDownton.com

“Downton’s gloriously elegant depictions, be they leading ladies, sex positions or fruit, have been described as the ‘varnished truth’ and ‘contemporary nostalgic’. How, I wonder, do you make a cherry contemporarily nostalgic? ‘You don’t. You don’t try to give anything ‘a style’. You just draw it as you see it – and that becomes your style.’”