Daily Digest

20 September, 2013

In Fashion: Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti | Source: Courtesy

“I was so into that kind of look at the time, super high fashion, almost costume. I didn’t really care if people could wear it or not, because I had friends that could wear it. So it was total fantasy, just high high high fashion. But I wanted to turn it into a big business, to have a big collection, stores and advertising and all those things, but it just wasn’t the right time.”

Meredith Melling Burke Exiting Vogue

Meredith Melling Burke | Source: Streetpeeper

“Meredith Melling Burke is one of Vogue’s most visible editors, a fixture on television and always game to offer a quote to the occasional New York Times Styles piece … Looking to raise her profile once more, Burke gave notice before New York Fashion Week so that she could pursue a new venture she’s forming with another Vogue staffer, bookings editor Valerie Boster.”

LVMH Acquires Nicholas Kirkwood; Raises Stakes in Young Designer Game

Nicholas Kirkwood | Source: Courtesy photo

“Today LVMH announced it has purchased a majority stake in UK shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood for an undisclosed amount (that’s actress Rooney Mara wearing his peep-toes, left), making him the second YBD this year to get snapped up by a big brand, following Kering’s acquisition of Christopher Kane. As one British style watcher said: ‘They’re buying like it’s 1999.’”

5 Surprising Places Where E-commerce is Taking Off

Outside a Zara in Seoul, South Korea | Source: Getty

“What characterizes a market that’s primed for ecommerce growth? It’s not a country’s population size, income per capita, nor even the amount its residents are spending on retail goods every year — though those all play a role. Rather, a complex variety of factors signal immediate to near-term ecommerce opportunity in a given region, a new study from Forrester Research shows.”

Inditex Expansion Pushes Asia Sales Above Group’s Home Market

Zara Flagship in New York | Source: myretailmedia.com

“The company, which began life as a Galician bathrobe manufacturer three decades ago, underlined its increasing internationalisation as sales in Asia and Africa overtook those from Spain for the first time in its history over the first half of the year.”

Costume Designers for TV Have a Big Impact on Fashion

Jenn Rogien doing a fitting for 'Orange is the New Black' | Source: nytimes.com

“Today, even successful movie costume designers like Catherine Martin, who did the designs for ‘The Great Gatsby,’ and Trish Summerville who is doing the next ‘Hunger Games’ movie and will sell a line, Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville, on Net-a-Porter, don’t exactly cut outsize figures.”