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Can Australia’s Struggling Fashion Industry Support its New Stars?

Dion Lee S/S 2011 at Sydney Opera House | Photo: BoF

“It’s an argument that has been gaining ground even before Johnston and Ho shut up shop. Australia does not have a shortage of talent – but on the global stage, its fashion presence has been muted at best, diaphanous at worst.”

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  1. I’m afraid it’s not always as simple as what O’Donnell has written for The Guardian Australia. If we are to become a nation that truly wants to invest in fashion, it requires a greater, and more open mentality to fashion which is about the ability to produce and create from carte blanche. It requires a more appreciative culture of fashion where the general public can engage and understand how a product range elucidates. One of the possible reasons why the general industry struggles – as the article points to – is brand patronage and identity. The few luxury businesses in Australia have done something well and that is building a very loyal clientele base. It’s been the same for well-known and beloved local brands as their identity and brand profile has been about continuity. Having met (Dion) Lee before his great successes, to this day I am not surprised by how much he has achieved as he has managed to nurture his brand. What made me surprised was how he had been perceived since his maturity in years – that Australia finally espoused designers who designed well.

    The Australian fashion industry will be very bright, one day. It is still incubating with the best talents yet to establish themselves. The industry will be served well with level grounded designers who will appreciate their higher education and apprenticeships abroad.

    Mike Huynh from Revesby, New South Wales, Australia