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Grace Coddington

Creative Director, Vogue US

When a car accident ended her modeling career, she began creating dreamy, fantastical fashion narratives for American Vogue.

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United States Creative Class


Variably described as “unquestionably the greatest living stylist,” “the Michelangelo to [Anna] Wintour’s Pope” and “Fash-ed Supreme,” Grace Coddington is one of the fashion world's most respected fashion editors. Coddington’s commitment to getting the best shot has seen her climb Greek columns to throw smoke bombs at a model’s feet and pour vats of dye into the ocean, in order that it be just the 'right' blue.

Coddington began her career as a model in London’s swinging sixties. Having won a Vogue modelling competition she was featured in the magazine’s ‘young ideas’ section. Coddington or ‘The Cod’ as she became known, soon established herself on the London scene, thanks in no small part to Vidal Sassoon creating his iconic five point cut on her “incredible bones, and marvelous neck.”

However, a car accident at the age of 26 cut Coddington's modeling career short. But since Coddington worked in front of the camera at a time when models were responsible for their own hair, makeup and accessories, her ability to improve a shoot by styling herself was such that British Vogue editor Beatrix Miller offered her a job as a junior fashion editor at the publication two years after the car accident.

Coddington immediately excelled and continued to do so, working her way up the ranks at British Vogue to the position of senior fashion editor in 1976. In 1987 Coddington left Vogue to become design director at Calvin Klein. Klein would later go one record saying that Coddington was the first European fashion editor to fully appreciate American design.


  • Vogue Magazine
    Vogue Magazine

    Creative Director, US Vogue 1988 - Present

  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein

    Design Director

  • Vogue Magazine
    Vogue Magazine

    British Vogue

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