Can Post-Crisis Dubai Become the World’s Largest Consumer Fashion Hub?

Dubai Mall | Source: Shutterstock

After London, Dubai is the second most popular place in the world to shop for fashion and luxury goods. Can it become number one? Six years after the devastation of a global recession that saw billions wiped off the value of local real estate, BoF sits down with Mohamed Alabbar, architect of the emirate’s retailing success, to understand his vision for the future.

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The Creative Class | Justin O’Shea, Buying Director

Justin O'Shea | Photo: Mario Villanueva

BoF sits down with Justin O’Shea, buying director of, to understand how his hands-on attitude helped to turn a Munich-based store into a successful global luxury retailer that generates $130 million in annual revenue. The Creative Class is supported by CLIO Image, an awards show honouring creative excellence in fashion, beauty and retail. 

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Role Call | Francois Schweitzer, General Manager and Head of Business Development

Francois Schweitzer | Source: Chalhoub Group

Listen to the market, have a flexible approach and share ideas with vendors, colleagues and, even, competitors, advises Francois Schweitzer, general manager and head of business development in the retail division of the Chalhoub Group.

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