Pete Nordstrom

Pete Nordstrom

Executive Vice President, Nordstrom Inc.

As a fourth generation owner of the fashion retailer, he has led strategic acquisitions to expand its merchandise and digital prowess.

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A fourth generation member of the Nordstrom family, Peter Nordstrom has served as executive vice president of Nordstrom Inc. since 2000 and as president of the store’s merchandising department since 2006. A leading fashion retailer, Nordstrom’s operates in over 240 locations within the US, running 127 full-line branches and 119 Nordstrom Racks.

Officially joining the company in 1978 at the age of 16, Peter worked within the shoe departments as a sales assistant during summer breaks from the University of Washington where he obtained a degree in English. Joining the company full time at the age of 21, Peter steadily worked his way upward and in 1995 was promoted to his first office of co-president of the company. Prior to being appointed as president of the merchandising department, Peter also held the position of director of merchandising strategy and executive vice president of the full line stores.

During his time serving at the helm of the company, Peter has overseen several strategic acquisitions that have added to Nordstrom’s market prominence within the fashion industry. In 2005 the company acquired majority stake holdings in luxury fashion boutique Jeffrey’s, with locations in Atlanta and New York, and in 2011 extended their digital strategy through the acquisition of, a members only ‘limited-time’ sales event offering discounts of up to 75% on fashion labels. The group plans to open its first full line stores in Canada during 2014, and a Manhattan based flagship by 2018.


  • Nordstrom Inc.
    Nordstrom Inc.

    Executive Vice President 1978 - Present, New York, United States

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