Colin’s Column | Italy’s Cultural, Creative and Intellectual Continuum

Valentino and models near the Trevi Fountain, 1967 | Source: The Art Archive/Mondadori Portfolio/Marisa Rastellini

As London’s Victoria and Albert Museum unveils “The Glamour of Italian Fashion,” Colin McDowell explores the country’s rich fashion history.

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The Vogue Festival Draws A Crowd

Vogue 'Cover' Shots | Source: Susana Lau, Style Bubble

British Vogue editors, normally ensconced behind their desks at Vogue House or off on fashion shoots in far flung locales, were zipping around with clipboards, cue cards and headsets, each playing their part in the first ever Vogue Festival.

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Lunch with Alexandra Shulman, Fashion pinch, H&M spike, Jaeger sold, Australia dropouts

Alexandra Shulman | Source: Mih Jeans

Lunch with the FT: Alexandra Shulman (FT) “But she is a big deal, and this is a big year for her and for Vogue. It’s Shulman’s 20-year anniversary as editor, this month she’s publishing her first novel, Can We Still be Friends, and Vogue is staging its first festival.” Discount fashion chains feel the pinch (FT) “In a market under pressure there are winners and losers. Fashion-conscious consumers are still making

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Van Assche’s moment, Kamali innovates, Jimmy Choo the man, Mumbai eyes UAE, Shulman talks Middleton

Dior Homme: The Time I Had Some Time Alone (Dazed Digital) "A world away from Slimane’s razor sharp aesthetic, the sense of ease and movement balanced with extreme rigor in the S/S11 collection betrays Van Assche’s growing confidence in his place at Dior Homme. Dazed spoke to Van Assche about the collection and his first foray into the digital realm – a film with photographer Willy Vanderperre." Fashion Rethinkers: Norma Kamali (JC Report) "She uses Skype as a medium for customer service, the pieces from her most recent collection, which was shown in February, will hit her store in just a few weeks (compared to the normal delivery of a few months)... In other words, Kamali has never played by…

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BoF Exclusive | Digital Scorecard – British Vogue iPad App

Graphic User Interface of British Vogue iPad App

LONDON, United Kingdom — Later this week, when British Vogue launches its first ever iPad application, everyone across the fashion media landscape is bound to be paying attention. After all, Vogue is the most prestigious fashion media brand in the world, lying at the heart of Condé Nast, the world’s most powerful luxury lifestyle media conglomerate, amidst a market landscape in which age-old media brands like Vogue and others are

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Rethinking outlets, Luxury rebound, UK high street crisis, Tommy Hilfiger radio, Shulman on luxury shopping

Nordstrom Rack Union Square | Source: Stylist

Why Luxury Goods Are Scarce at Outlet Malls (Bloomberg) “You don’t have nearly the quality you had in the recent past and you don’t have the degree of discounts…It’s hard to believe all of these players can operate 50 to 100 outlets successfully. There’s going to be a shakeout.” Luxury sector in solid rebound (FT) “As restocking effects are now over across most luxury product

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UK bans Diesel ads, India’s luxe kids, Fashionable shorts, Shulman honoured, Facebook fatigue?

Diesel banned from using ‘offensive’ ads (Reuters) “Fashion label Diesel has been banned from using two adverts showing young women which a standards watchdog said were likely to cause serious offence.” Global brands widening product portfolio in kids segment (Economic Times) “Kids are getting spoilt more than ever before with busy parents trying to make up for lack of time and presence through luxury

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Alexandra Shulman | On the future of fashion magazines

Alexandra Shulman | Photo: David Wise

LONDON, United Kingdom — When BoF’s Vikram Alexei Kansara explored the interactive future of fashion magazines about a month ago, a lively debate ensued in the comments section of the post and in emails with our readers. It is one of the most read articles on BoF thus far in 2009. Clearly this is a topic on everyone’s minds, not only in the fashion media, but also print media more generally. Major newspapers like The

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Q&A | Dolly Jones, Editor-in-Chief of

LONDON, United Kingdom - Back in 1995, Netscape Navigator was the dominant web-browser with a market share of more than 90%.  People were talking about the launch of Altavista, an Internet search engine that acheived 300,000 hits on its very first day. On the fashion end of things, the New York Times' Amy Spindler was tearing apart Donna Karan and raving about Mark Eisen in her review of the New York A/W 1995 collections. Today, Netscape's share of web-browser use is less than 1% and Altavista is a relic. Donna Karan still puts out collections in New York, but she scarcely merits a full length review in Cathy Horyn's reviews. Nobody even remembers Mark Eisen. In the worlds of Fashion…

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Fashion Magazines | Balancing advertising and editorial

The other day I nipped out to grab a coffee in London's Hanover Square. As I was waiting, who should walk in but Alexandra Shulman, the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue. There was no entourage or chauffeur or huge sunglasses. Rather, she very normally ordered her skinny cappuccino (without assistance and without attitude) and waited like the rest of us to be served. It got me to thinking that (thankfully) some people in the fashion industry are completely normal (despite the caricatures that may be painted of them in the Press), and it also got me thinking about the business of magazines -- fashion magazines in particular. It turns out Ms. Shulman has been quite the business woman during her respected…

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