A profitable Posen, Boutique by Jaeger, Anya Hindmarch for Barbour, Saillard looks back, Primark overvalued?

Zac Posen for Target Spring/Summer 2010 | Source: Refinery 29

Mom, I’ll Make a Profit Soon (WSJ) “Mrs. Posen has been pressing for more attention to the commercial side—as opposed to the artistic side—of fashion. The company has added new lines, shed expenses and employees, and even moved some production from Italy to China to save money.” Jaeger targets younger shoppers (FT) “Boutique by Jaeger aims to compete with high street stores such as Whistles, Reiss and All

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Links of the week: Ethical plastic, Tom Ford, and Rodnik for HBS

Thisismoney.co.uk: Exposed: I am not an Ethical Bag and Susie Bubble: I am not a Smug Twat The Anya Hindmarch "I am not a Plastic Bag" PR catastrophe got worse when it was revealed that the bags were made in China and probably cost a carbon fooprint fortune to get them over to the UK. Now, in an even funnier twist, Susie Bubble has photos of ripoff bags m0cking the buyers of those bags, saying "I am not a smug twat" on sale for £19, but currently sold out. Certainly not the expected turn of events for Sainsbury's, or Anya Hindmarch, or most upsettingly, for the genuine campaigners for ethical and socially responsible consumption. BoF first discussed this issue back…

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Anya Hindmarch: This is not a Plastic Bag

Yesterday, as I was picking up my regular morning cappucino from Ottolenghi (the best espresso in Notting Hill), I was surprised to see literally hundreds of people queuing all the way down Ledbury Road, waiting in anticipation for the latest batch of Anya Hindmarch "I am not a Plastic Bag" bags to go on sale. While Ledbury Road is often buzzing on weekends, it is usually quiet during the week, giving Notting Hill the village-like charm that it is famous for. I had read on the Vogue site that morning that these bags were being released, but I never expected people to be so desperate for the bags that they would wait outside on a cold weekday morning for hours…

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