Global Gatekeepers

Top L-R: Monica Mendes, Miroslava Duma, Omoyemi Akerele, Melvin Chua, Susan Sabet, Bandana Tewari | Illustrations by Clym Evernden

The gilded key to the world’s most dynamic emerging economies is a combination of on-the-ground intelligence and loyal contacts. Six in-demand emissaries in global fashion sat down with BoF to share a few home truths about the markets on their doorstep.

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Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood’s Fashionable Sweetheart

Sonam Kapoor styled by Nikhil Mansata | Photo: R Burman for BoF

BoF columnist Bandana Tewari speaks to 28 year-old actor Sonam Kapoor — daughter of legendary Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor and a member of the recently launched BoF 500 — about the power of entertainment and Bollywood’s unique ability to move the Indian fashion market.

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In India, Thinking Beyond the Cashmere Crowd

Aer, 34th Floor Lounge at the Four Seasons, Mumbai | Source: Four Seasons

Today we are delighted to bring you the first installment of India Inc., a regular column on the Indian luxury market by Bandana Tewari. MUMBAI, India — Atop Aer, a tony roof-top bar at the Four Seasons with a sweeping panorama of slumdog-Mumbai — a circuitous medley of high-rises and slums alike — the time at which you arrive for a “Worli Sunset,” a vodka and mandarin cocktail named after the neighbourhood, says a lot about you.

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The Creative Class | Bandana Tewari, Editor

Bandana Tewari | Source: Johan Sandberg

PARIS, France — Bandana Tewari has made a name for herself as one of the fashion industry’s smartest commentators. As fashion features director of Vogue India, she has quickly become the go-to source for anyone who wants to learn about the country’s rapidly evolving luxury market. Recently, she was named to Industrie magazine’s Fashion Media A-list, alongside other leading fashion commentators including Cathy

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The Fashion Trail | Modern Mumbai and Lakmé Fashion Week

Bandana Tewari at Lakmé Fashion Week | Photo: BoF

MUMBAI, India – From the minute I landed in Bombay—as everyone here still calls it—the rapidly shifting nature of contemporary India was apparent. Instead of waiting in agonisingly long queues at the airport, I breezed through immigration, customs and bag collection in only 45 minutes. That’s faster than one can make it through most terminals at Heathrow or JFK these days. Outside the airport, cranes building a new terminal towered

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The Brit Pack | Published in Vogue India

LONDON, United Kingdom and MUMBAI, India - Over dinner at Milan Fashion Week last February, I got to talking to Bandana Tewari, Fashion Features Director of Vogue India, about the renewed energy in London fashion. Naturally, her first question was what Indian designers were doing to contribute to the London scene, particularly as India continues to emerge for a centre for world-class design. The result of our conversation is this Vogue India article on Indian designers based in London. While writing the piece, I got to know three Indian designers with three amazing stories, each of which started in India and subsequently took them all over the world, until they finally ended up in London. Between them, Ashish Gupta, Saloni…

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Luxury in India | Not just a cut-and-paste

While China may have the unyielding focus of many Western luxury brands today, many players are already beginning to set their sights on India for the next wave of expansion. But, as global luxury players begin to tentatively test these Indian waters, they are finding that India, which has its own vibrant indigenous cultural scene, may require a different expansion strategy altogether. With Bollywood stars and local Cricket legends that get more attention in India than their Western cultural equivalents, there is no blank canvas in India upon which to paint Western tastes. Locals on the streets of Shanghai and Beijing have, by and large, adopted Western dress, but those in Delhi and Mumbai  are more likely to fuse East…

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Vogue: India has arrived

I wanted to share with the BoF community an exciting step in the evolution of Indian fashion that marks the official arrival of India on the global fashion scene. For years, Western designers and global brands have  used Indian craftsmanship, culture and history as  an inspiration for fashion. From intricate embroidery this season on Marchesa's "Raj and in Charge" dresses for Spring/Summer 2008 to khaki's from Gap, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie and Fitch that have outfitted generations of Americans, India's influence on global fashion goes all the way from the high-street to the high-end. Today, my good friend Bandana Tewari, Fashion Features Editor of Vogue India , graciously sent me an image of the first cover for the newest magazine…

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Bandana Tewari: Featuring Vogue India’s Guru

No sooner had posted my own thoughts on the future of Indian fashion, that I began seeing other interesting perspectives which have emerged in other online fashion media over the past week on India's luxury goods and fashion industry. Clearly, Indian fashion is on fire. Much of the content is infused with the intelligent musings of Bandana Tewari, who is also the newly named Fashion Features Editor of Vogue India and has become a good friend since we met back at London Fashion Week in February 2006. The most recent JC Report focuses on India, covering Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Delhi and Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. The highlight for me was an insightful interview conducted by global…

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