Prints for the Cyberage, Takashimaya suffers, Jil Sander’s new line, Paris to Patna, Basso & Brooke all bottled up

Erdem Autumn/Winter Digital Print Detail | Source:

Prints for the Cyberage (IHT) “Printed matter has undergone a digital revolution, as the new millennium has witnessed a dramatic change in the way that a pattern is developed to follow the shape of the body and to overlay actual images with virtual versions.” Takashimaya’s Net Slumps 34 percent (WSJ) “Takashimaya Co. said.. that revenue and profit for the year ended Feb. 28 showed steep declines as consumer

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Fashion 2.0 | A Fashion Statement for a Wired World

NEW YORK, United States —Back in March 2008, when Fast Company published a report on “The World’s Most Innovative Companies,” not one fashion or luxury brand (or their parent companies) made the list. This is unfortunate, not least because many of the world’s most successful fashion and luxury brands have a strong heritage of experimentation and innovation. (Louis Vuitton, for example, began by creating a

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