Fashion looks forward, Barney’s credit rating slashed, Bergdorf goes Bottega, Trovata set for trial

Shirts in question: Forever 21 above, and Trovata below

Fashion Forward (Portfolio) “Moving ahead in the current economy will require fashion companies to be as flexible and innovative as they’ve claimed to be all along.” S&P cuts Barney’s credit rating, warns on liquidity (Reuters) Standard & Poor’s on Monday cut its ratings on Barney’s New York Inc to a deeply distressed level and warned that vendors may tighten terms or limit shipments to

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Fashion arbitrage: The US Dollar conundrum

In economics, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price differential between two or more markets by buying something for a lower price in one market and selling it for a higher price in another market, preferably instantaneously, to avoid the risk that price gap will close. With the plummeting US dollar, many European brands have decided to take a hit on margins instead of lifting prices to reflect the current exchange rate. They want to stay competitive with their American counterparts and don't want to turn off American consumers with astronomical prices.  But the resulting lower US prices have led to an opportunity for some seriously lucrative fashion arbitrage. For example, a New York Times article published…

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