Luxury lustre in 2013, Betsey’s back, Rad couture, V&A to celebrate clubwear, Dream memes

Christian Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne, Paris | Source: Dior

Luxury goods firms lustre may fade, not vanish in 2013 (Reuters) “Luxury goods manufacturers won’t retain the immunity from tough global economic conditions they’ve enjoyed for the past two years in 2013, but they’ll still grow and hang on to their decent credit metrics, said Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services today.” Betsey Johnson, Back in the Pink (NY Times) “Despite repeated

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Betsey bankruptcy, Chanel creativity, Claiborne sales up, Burberry reigns in Taipei, Cool Sewell

Betsey Johnson | Source: The Plaza

Betsey Johnson Declares Bankruptcy (Forbes) “A spokesperson at Betsey Johnson has confirmed that the 34-year-old fashion line has filed for bankruptcy protection. The filing will likely result in the dismissal of 350 employees and the closure of most of the brand’s 63 stores.” Chanel sticks to being creative (Daily Yomiuri) “In the 64th installment in a series on the world’s high-end brands, Bruno Pavlovsky,

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Donatella’s wisdom, Betsey Johnson’s makeover, Mortgaging the future, Facebook fashion, Uniqlo’s temples

Donatella Versace | Source: Versace

Donatella Versace is teaching a new generation how to thrive (Independent) “Once a party animal, now the head of a fashion empire, Donatella Versace has lived through both good times and bad. Now she’s teaching a new generation of designers how to thrive.” Betsey Johnson Faces a Makeover (WSJ) “Steven Madden could likely help the $200 million Betsey Johnson label expand, allowing it ‘to put money into

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Betsey Johnson survival, Project Runway, Japanese trends, European downturn

Betsey Johnson’s Survival Strategy (WSJ) Instead of a runway show, Betsey Johnson will have a “smaller, friendlier, and more artistic” presentation in its showroom. Don’t Tell Me To Go On Project Runway! (39th and Broadway) Despite its popularity, Project Runway creates misconceptions about the fashion business. 2008: The Year in Trends (MEKAS) Mekas takes a look at a number of trends that shaped

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Zandra Rhodes and Betsey Johnson: Fashion grannies rock on

Two legendary doyennes of the fashion world have been making news this week -- and not just for their colourful fashions. Today, Betsey Johnson announced a majority investment in her business from Boston's Castanea Partners. Some observers are questioning Castanea's logic for investing in a 30 year old brand whose namesake is already a grandmother and whose high-profile days are long over.  On the contrary, the business  has a solid own-retail network of 51 stores and a respectable $200m in sales. This could provide a great platform for further growth, as long as Castanea doesn't dilute the brand's famous quirky irreverence, which is what is most appealing to its loyal fans. Earlier this week British fashion icon, Zandra Rhodes, garnered…

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