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Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2013 | Source: Nowfashion

Generation Genius! (IHT) “All the 40-something designers at the Paris summer 2013 collections have reached a delicious, mature ripeness. And with even younger creators breaking bud, there is a real sense in this city of a generational change.” Analysts Debate: Has Michael Kors Become a Top Stock? (Daily Finance) “The Motley Fool has been making successful stock picks for many years, but we don’t always agree

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CEO Talk | Brian Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Aritzia

Brian Hill, courtesy of Aritzia

VANCOUVER, Canada — Vancouver may be far away from the traditional centres of the fashion world, but in recent years this laid-back Canadian city has produced two fashion success stories that are taking the North American market by storm. The first, of course, is Lululemon. The second is Aritzia, a vertically-integrated fashion chain targeted at 15-30 year old women with a penchant for style and the disposable income to buy it. The

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