Stripped Bare: Brands Move Toward Transparency and Traceability

Honest By Spring/Summer 2013 | Source: Honest By

From Bruno Pieters’s Honest By to Nudie Jeans to sportswear giant Nike, certain fashion and apparel brands are going against the grain and starting to embrace greater transparency and traceability across the supply chain. BoF reports.

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Japan does it better, Luxury bonds, Fashion revolution, CFDA controversy, Custom clothing

The Real McCoy's Tokyo | Source: One and Beyond

Made Better in Japan (WSJ) “Louis Vuitton sales are plummeting, and magnums of Dom Pérignon are no longer being uncorked at a furious pace. That doesn’t mean the Japanese have turned away from the world. They’ve just started approaching it on their own terms, venturing abroad and returning home with increasingly more international tastes and much higher standards, realizing that the apex of bread making may not be

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The Swiss Textiles Award | Fashion’s crystal ball

ZURICH, Switzerland - The Swiss Textiles Award is not the richest fashion design prize available -- the 300,000 euro prize from Mango takes that category. But, over the past 5 years it has emerged as perhaps the most influential award of its kind, and the only one to operate with a global remit. In 2003, a little-known Belgian designer named Raf Simons won the prize and went on to wow fashion critics, who were now playing close attention to his work. Cathy Horyn had this to say of his Simons' men's 2005 Spring/Summer collection, shown in Paris in July 2004: What Mr. Simons did in an instant was to render the day, and most of the previous one of the…

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