Alligators and exotics, Black Friday ahead, Selfridges’ centenary profits, Zac Posen on Target, Comité Colbert grows

As Sales Vanish, Skins Stay on Alligators (NY Times) “If alligator is still popular but is simply unaffordable… why are thousands of the reptiles sitting unwanted in Louisiana? And why have prices for the raw product dropped so low? He says Hermès is hoarding the skins, forcing other fashion houses to pay dearly and leaving the farmers with few other options.” US shoppers discount driven on Black Friday (Drapers)

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Comité Colbert in China, Denim’s bubble bursts, Saks discounts online, Luxottica optimistic, Entrepreneurs forge on

Chinese Luxury Shoppers | Source: Businessweek

French luxury preens on website in China (AFP) “France’s creme de la creme luxury firms, hit by a drop in sales on traditional markets, on Thursday launched a China charm offensive, with a 3D website that gives a peek at the best France has to offer.” Preshrunk Prices (NY Times) “The $300 pair of designer jeans is now, courtesy of the recession, the $200 pair of designer jeans… Like any commodity that

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