Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season

LONDON, United Kingdom — The fashion film movement has hit the mainstream, with well-known brands like Prada and Y-3 running integrated, cross-channel campaigns around high-impact digital videos and a dedicated Digital Schedule for fashion films and catwalk streams now in place at London Fashion Week. But there were no signs that the medium was condensing around fixed codes. Quite the opposite. What we saw was the kind of restless innovation and constant evolution that characterises the fluid nature of digital media itself, with an explosion of new films that energised, but also transcended, the seasonal presentation schedule, speaking directly to consumers across the internet as part of in-season digital campaigns. During the Paris menswear collections, Stefano Pilati opened the Yves…

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The Business of Fashion | Happy Holidays

Roberta Furlanetto, Designer, Italy

VANCOUVER, Canada — In what has become an annual tradition here on BoF, we wish you the best for the holiday season (and in line with our veritable obsession with internet technologies) by sharing the most colourful and creative e-greetings we have received from readers all over the world. As the fashion industry takes a break from the incessant hustle and bustle which keeps us running around for most of the year, all of us at the

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The Fashion Magazine as Personal Art Project

Some/Things Magazine Issue 001 | Photo: Monika Bielskyte

PARIS, France — With all the talk of layoffs at Condé Nast in the face of a technological revolution that is transforming fashion media as we know it, the days of the good old-fashioned hard copy magazine may seem numbered. But, while traditional media behemoths struggle to translate their content and brands to the online space, niche fashion publications are sprouting up to offer a completely different kind of magazine experience

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Future of Fashion Magazines | Part Two – Lots of little experiments

Images from SHOWstudio's "Dress me up, Dress me down"

Last time we surveyed the rapidly changing landscape of digital fashion media. Today, in the second part of our series on the future of fashion magazines, we explore the experimental approach that online pioneers like Jefferson Hack and Nick Knight are using to create unique content and experiences that truly bring fashion magazines into the digital age.

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BoF Recommends | A Shaded View on Fashion Film

PARIS, France - When I first met Diane Pernet, it was hard to see beyond her iconic look : a towering pompadour, mantilla veil, cateye sunglasses and platform wedges, all in black, complemented by scarlet red lips and a signature scent.  Since then, I have never seen her in anything else. But, despite her aesthetic constancy, she is one of those rare souls in the fashion business who still manages to surprise at every turn, with witty observations and an unflinching honesty. And, as I have come to know the person behind the veil, as it were, we have bonded over our shared passion for young design talent, debated ideas for fashion collaborations and industry progress, and exchanged dollops of…

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Links: Russia, Boombox and Mash-up

Rubles are a Girl's Best Friend (New York Times)We came across this multilingual sign on the new Dolce & Gabbana store on London's Bond Street the other day. It's a sign of the times that many of the customers are from the Middle East and Russia. This article  describes the celebrity angle of Russia's fashion scene. The Real Story Behind Boombox (A Shaded View on Fashion)Mandi Lennard, London's uber PR for the hip and happening in the fashion business sent out an email last week confirming a report on the Business of Fashion that Boombox is to shut down by the end of the year. Diane Pernet interviews Richard Mortimer in this piece to get the back story. Heart to…

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DP in Getty Images

Check out this cool photo from Getty Images that my friend (and 360 Fashion member) Diane Pernet just posted on her "A Shaded View on Fashion" Blog at You can see the reflection of the model walking down the catwalk in Diane's glasses. Diane is an iconic figure in the fashion industry and has a network of co-bloggers around the world who help to keep the content on the "A Shaded View on Fashion" site fresh and up to date. On a given day, there are posts about fashion happenings from three different continents. Diane is also a bonafide entrepreneur, having been part of the team to launch (tipped as the myspace for fashion industry) and the You…

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