Hakaan takes ANDAM, Erdem’s accidental beauty, Luxe prices rise, Chinese in Tokyo, Forever 21′s big bet

Erdem Moralioglu | Source: Independent

And The ANDAM Winner Is… (Style.com) “Turkish designer Hakaan Yildirim is the newest winner of ANDAM’s €220,000 prize… It was only last February, before his first London show, that English fashion scribes were wondering in print: ‘Who is Hakaan?’” Erdem Moralioglu: A man for all seasons (Independent) “His printing technique involves the designer playing around creatively on his computer for

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A Quiet Canadian Fashion Revolution in London

Celebrating Canadians in Fashion at the Canadian High Commission in London

LONDON, United Kingdom — On recent trips home to Canada, much to my dismay, I have struggled to find local fashion stories to share on BoF. Yes, Canada has a history of superstar models, and occasionally there is a retailer like Brian Hill of Aritzia or a young designer like Rad Hourani who captures my attention, but for the most part, getting a good Canadian fashion story has proven to be a challenge. As it turns out, I was

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Erdem wins BFC Fashion Fund, Chinese brands, Harrods not for sale, Ungaro saga continues, British invasion

Shanghai Tang | Source: Butterboom

Flower dressing: why Erdem is a winner (Times) “Meet Erdem, candidate for the title of World’s Most Modest Designer — no, really — and, I can reveal today, winner of the first British Fashion Council andVogue Designer Fund… In the end, we decided that Erdem had it all: creativity, the potential for longevity and a well-thought-out strategy.” The rise of Chinese luxury brands (CNN) “Mainland Chinese tourists

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London Fashion Week | Burberry’s Unforgettable Fashion Frisson

LONDON, United Kingdom — In February of 2004, writing about London Fashion Week in the Guardian newspaper, Charlie Porter declared: "It's that old London fashion week conundrum all over again — wondering what's the point, and failing to find an answer." A month earlier, Porter said that London Fashion Week was in crisis mode. Looking back, it's easy to understand Porter's lack of optimism. That February, London hosted 40 shows in a 5-day schedule. This was a decline from 50 shows in September of 2003. Style.com only reviewed 13 of the on-schedule shows in London, or about 33 percent. As a proxy for quality, this ratio did not bode well for London's position amongst the major fashion capitals. Major editors…

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