Week in Review | Young London Creatives, Ami’s Alexandre Mattiussi, Fabien Baron, Prada’s Magic, Inside India

Anna Trevelyan, Thomas Lohr, Rhea Thierstein, Matthew Holroyd, Simon Cook, Billal Taright, Matthew Josephs, Alex Turvey, Ellie Grace Cumming and Declan Sheils | Photo: Shahriyar Ahmed

BoF editor-in-chief Imran Amed recaps the week in the business of fashion.

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Plotting Mellon’s future, Hong Kong IPOs, Saks growth, $40m for Fashion & You, Fabien Baron’s philosophy

Tamara Mellon | Source: Mogulite

Tamara Mellon: write her off at your peril (Telegraph) “‘Jimmy Choo customers feel a strong affinity with her,’ says Emma Elwick-Bates, Vogue’s market editor. ‘She’s incredibly glamorous, but also a successful businesswoman and single mother. She ticks a lot of boxes.’ All of which makes the radio silence from Jimmy Choo following the rupture look a little like panic. This is not an ailing

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Jaime Perlman Tests the Future of Fashion Editorial

Jaime Perlman | Source: Jaime Perlman

LONDON, United Kingdom — “Everyone knows that editorial content is going to change,” says Jaime Perlman, Art Director of British Vogue. As web magazines, fashion films and a new generation of bloggers continue to capture the collective imagination of industry insiders and end consumers alike, there’s no doubt that fashion media is embracing digital technology like never before and becoming more immediate, transparent and

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