Op-Ed | Don’t Write Off Fashion Bloggers

Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2014 at New York Fashion Week | Source: NowFashion

The organisers of New York Fashion Week aim to clean up an event that “has been swarmed with fashion bloggers, street-style photographers and fashion fans.” But bloggers — fashion’s resident outsiders — have a lot to bring to the table, argues Renata Certo-Ware.

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The Business of Blogging | The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman | Photo: Garance Dore

Scott Schuman’s rise to international blogging fame is well known, but until now he has never discussed his business model in detail. In our latest instalment of The Business of Blogging, BoF gets the exclusive on how The Sartorialist makes bank

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Bonnie Brooks’ quest at The Bay, Tapping the blogosphere, Hermès’ defense, Adidas’ big plans, Kenzo celebrates

The Bay's Bonnie Brooks' lifelong ‘quest to be the best’ (Globe and Mail) "Ms. Brooks is used to thinking big.  [At Lane Crawford], she used some of the same tactics that she’s applying at the Bay to turn it around: introducing an array of with-it brands, ditching old ones and putting a spotlight on high-margin shoes and handbags." How luxury brands can tap the blogosphere’s growing influence (Luxury Daily) "Consumers trust blogs more compared to traditional media than they did five years ago. Brands should actively look for ways to generate positive press by developing relationships with prominent industry bloggers." Hermès needs to style media defense to unsaddle LVMH (Reuters) "Winning the media war against luxury giant LVMH which began…

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Marketing with cultural sensitivity, Sponsoring bloggers, Social CEOs, Ebay’s fashion push, Corrine Day’s legacy

Dior's Shanghai Dreamers | Source: antbazaar

Chinese people as identical Maoist robots? (Guardian) “If fantasy is part of the appeal of fashion, then wouldn’t it be worthwhile for Dior, Chanel, and other couture houses to figure out how Chinese people fantasise and see themselves?” Marketing’s New Rage: Brands Sponsoring Influential Bloggers (WWD) “Forget about just display ads. Increasingly, the future of advertising online seems to be through

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China’s top bloggers, Frugality in fashion, The enduring espadrille, Battle brewing for NYFW, Smith’s new virtues

Urban Outfitters Retail | Source: Sneakpeak

China’s Fashion Bloggers: Five to Watch (Jing Daily) “In the US and the UK, fashion bloggers have long been considered ahead-of-the-curve influencers… With China’s growing appetite for luxury, there’s room for China’s fashion bloggers to gain industry traction as well.” Frugality in Fashion Amid Economic Slump (WWD) “Never before has it been so chic to be cheap. And the looming threat of a double-dip

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Liz Claiborne’s rise and fall, Zero waste design, Bigging up bloggers, Fashion’s arty side, The Missoni dynasty

William L. McComb, CEO of Liz Claiborne Inc. | Source: Huffington Post

Targeting Younger Buyers, Liz Claiborne Hits Snag (WSJ) “In an effort to attract a younger audience, Mr. McComb decided to focus on the company’s contemporary brands with the most potential… But he made a series of strategic blunders… The decision to realign the company’s portfolio ‘was a disaster waiting to happen’.” Fashion Tries on Zero Waste Design (NY Times) “Zero-waste

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Digital IQ Ranking of Fashion Brands’ Digital Competence

NEW YORK, United States — In the first-ever ‘Digital IQ’ ranking of the top luxury fashion brands’ digital competence, Louis Vuitton has come out on top, followed closely by Ralph Lauren. Both are ranked as ‘genius’ in the wide-ranging qualitative and quantitative study which covers 109 brands across the luxury spectrum, not just fashion. The study was authored by Scott Galloway, Clinical Associate

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Bloggers unite at Style Coalition

NEW YORK, United States — A few months ago, I commented on the patchy quality out there in the fashion blogosphere. Too many blogs, churning out too much of the same content, sometimes poorly written and failing to add anything new to the fashion conversation. Even the term ‘fashion blogger’ itself is somehow tainted, also bringing to mind the words ‘low quality’ and ‘poorly researched.’ Today, I

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Not all fashion blogs are created equal

NEW YORK, United States - Can fashion bloggers be trusted online authorities? As the ever-proliferating fashion blogosphere continues to expand, and more and more bloggers gain access to fashion week, it's pretty clear that the answer is yes. The fashion blog is here to stay. But it's also fair to wonder whether all of this new content actually adding anything new to the reams of content already out there. This past Spring/Summer 2009 season saw the debut of Inside The Tents. Inspired by Web 2.0 initiatives such as SXSW (South by South West) and the liveblogging phenomenon from political conventions in this U.S. election year, ITT aggregated fashion bloggers on one site to share their collective experiences from the tents…

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India’s slow Internet march

One look at the current advertising campaign for Hermès, and it's clear that India is on the radar screen of Western luxury brands. But this is not a new phenomenon. At the recent Walpole Seminar on China & India, Dr. Amin Jaffer, International Director of Asian Art at Christie’s, described the long relationship that India has had with European luxury brands, dating back to the late 1800's. Today, however, things aren't as straightforward. Other Walpole seminar participants like Mohan Murjani (of the Murjani Group - partners to Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Bottega Veneta in India) also revealed that new luxury entrants in India are up against strong domestic players, labyrinthine bureaucracy, and inconsistent infrastructure. Break-even will take longer than some…

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Q&A: A conversation with Susie from Style Bubble

Susie Bubble is one of the most recognisable, most respected and most widely-read fashion bloggers in the world. Her quirky style suggestions, honest reviews and friendly voice make her blog a must-read for thousands of women everyday.  To use Malcolm Gladwell's vocabulary from his best-selling book, The Tipping Point, Susie is the ultimate maven, and the blog has provided the perfect platform from which to share her expertise. Not surprisingly, fashion brands, online fashion media and ecommerce retailers have been looking to get in on the action. Banner ads have recently begun to appear on her site from the likes of Net-a-Porter and Diesel. Susie is regularly invited to conferences and events so others can draw upon her expertise.  Almost…

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