Hakaan takes ANDAM, Erdem’s accidental beauty, Luxe prices rise, Chinese in Tokyo, Forever 21′s big bet

Erdem Moralioglu | Source: Independent

And The ANDAM Winner Is… (Style.com) “Turkish designer Hakaan Yildirim is the newest winner of ANDAM’s €220,000 prize… It was only last February, before his first London show, that English fashion scribes were wondering in print: ‘Who is Hakaan?’” Erdem Moralioglu: A man for all seasons (Independent) “His printing technique involves the designer playing around creatively on his computer for

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Japanese economy shrinks, H&M sales up, Sombre and 80s in New York, Forever 21 expands concept

The Japanese Flag

Japan’s economy shrinks 3.3% (IHT) The world’s second largest economy is experiencing its worst downturn in 35 years. H&M sales boosted by new openings (Drapers) Driven by new store openings, H&M’s sales rose 9% in January. Sombre start to NYFW (Drapers) “New York Fashion Week got off to a somewhat sombre start on Friday, according to reports from the US, with collection sizes reduced by up to

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