BoF Exclusive | House of Holland to Launch ‘Roving Flagship’ From Ice Cream Van

House of Holland, Mr Quiffy's Van | Source: House of Holland

In a colourful spin on the mobile retail trucks that have become popular in the US, House of Holland is set to launch a “roving flagship,” selling an exclusive capsule collection from a traditional British ice cream van.

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Versace’s fashion disaster, Dollars and scents, Rent-the-Runway, Chatting with Henry Holland, Fast fashion losers

Versace’s Villa Fontalle, on Lake Cuomo | Source: Sotheby’s

How Versace went from rags to riches—and back again (Newsweek) “Donatella Versace, tiny, sculpted and forever blonde, was standing backstage after her menswear show at the Teatro Versace in Milan in June… it all felt feeble, pathetic—a sad, soulless charade to promote something that no longer exists.” Luxury perfume houses are expanding (FT) “Forget the lipstick index as economic indicator; in this

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