John Varvatos rocks on, Stylish social sharing, Emanuelle Alt’s Vogue position, British wool’s comeback, Art of denim

John Varvatos | Source: Multivu

Fusing Rock ‘N’ Roll With Fashion (WSJ) “With two fashion labels—John Varvatos, a classic menswear line that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year; John Varvatos Star USA, an edgier, younger collection and the most profitable of the lot… the 56-year-old designer now has nine stores in the U.S., a robust ecommerce site and plans to open stores in London and Berlin.” Arbiters of Style See It, Post It

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Shopping as entertainment, Long-form ads, Personalised social luxury, Cautious outlook from Next, Carrie’s clout

John Varvatos Bowry Street Boutique in the former CBGB | Source: Racked

Can Shopping be Fun Again? (WSJ) “Hoping to lure customers with bar offerings, movie screenings and even rock concerts, retailers are giving a new meaning to one-stop shopping.” Why Long-Form Ads Are the Wave of the Future (Advertising Age) “Since Lady Gaga’s …”Telephone” made its debut a few weeks back, it’s garnered 28 million views on YouTube, been watched on nearly 500,000

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