Michael Jackson | What was his most stylish moment?


LOS ANGELES, United States — Today the world is talking about Michael Jackson’s inimitable and legendary contribution to global pop music. But what about his contribution to fashion and what was Jackson’s most stylish moment? There’s plenty to choose from. This was the man, of course, with the sequined glove, military-inspired uniforms (think Balmain, without the Pagoda shoulder), shredded jeans, distressed

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The Spotlight | Justin Giunta

Justin Giunta

NEW YORK, United States — For the month of June 2009, The Spotlight is on Justin Giunta, of Subversive Jewelry. I first met Justin in the throes of a chaotic New York Fashion Week in February, after he was introduced to me by Mary Gehlhar, author of one of the must-read fashion books for any emerging designer, The Fashion Designer’s Survival Guide. Mary raved about Justin’s creativity and drive, and my late afternoon

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