Online balancing act, End of the runway, Label survival, Nike’s restructuring plans

Fendi Website, photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Karl Lagerfeld Discusses Luxury Internet Sales with European Commission (WSJ) “The explosion of online retailing leaves fashion houses with a difficult balancing act between exclusive image and exposure.” Fashion Sees The End Of The Runway (Forbes) “The catwalk’s diminishing presence doesn’t come as a major surprise considering how much the role of the runway has changed over the years.” Inside a

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Karl Lagerfeld: Creative destruction

What drives me crazy about most fashion industry coverage is that it is often limited to soundbites, tainted with marketing spin, and driven by editorial objectives. This perpetuates the notion of the superficial designer and undervalues the contributions made by truly innovative creative geniuses like Karl Lagerfeld. It is rare to have an unedited, in-depth conversation with anyone influential in this business-- let alone Karl Lagerfeld. But, not only did PBS interviewer Charlie Rose have this rare opportunity, he seized it with gusto in this clip I recently found on YouTube. Together with Harriet-Mays-Powell, Fashion Editor of New York Magazine, he deftly takes Mr. Lagerfeld through a wide ranging one hour conversation (no easy task!) which goes from his design…

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